DO You Know Where are Rs 2,000 currency notes ?

The Rs 2,000 denomination currency note was first introduced post the November 8, 2016

What really happened to Rs 2,000 currency notes? 

The fact is, the circulation of Rs 2,000 notes has come down drastically due to several reasons. 

As per a recent RTI reply, the RBI stopped printing Rs 2,000 notes in the year 2019. 

As per the RTI reply from Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran, the central bank printed '0' number of Rs 2,000 denomination currency notes in 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22. 

As per the data available, 3,542.991 million pieces of Rs 2,000 notes were printed in 2016-17, 

111.507 million notes in 2017-18 (a drastic reduction) and just 46.690 million notes in 2018-19. 

Why has the circulation of Rs 2,000 notes come down? 

their share in the seizure of fake currency notes was increasing over the years since demonetisation 

The Central government had recently told Parliament that the number of fake currency notes of Rs 2,000 denomination seized in the country 

jumped substantially from 2,272 in 2016 (the year demo happened) to 2,44,834 pieces in 2020. This is as per the NCRB data.