Borrowers with a CIBIL score between 750 and 800 or above can secure loans at 8.60% per annum.

This rate represents a concession of 55 bps from the original rates.

Home loan applicants with a credit score between 700 and 749 are eligible for an 8.7% interest rate.

This score range receives a discount of 65 bps.

Those with CIBIL scores between 550 and 699 do not qualify for discounts and face interest rates between 9.45% and 9.65%.

Low CIBIL score applicants between 151 and 200 can obtain a home loan at 8.7%.

Borrowers with a CIBIL score of 700 and above can also receive a 20 bps discount for home loan takeovers, resale, and ready-to-move properties.

These discounts offer various interest rates based on CIBIL scores, encouraging responsible credit behavior.